Misioneras Oblatas de María Inmaculada

 Misioneras Oblatas de María Inmaculada

Our mission

RaquelToroGilOur ministry includes diverse pastoral activities. We work in parishes, among the youth, in catechism; we have vocational and missionary work (like parish missions), also cooperating with the Oblates of several nations. We have launched some volunteer and missionary activities for young people in North Morocco and Peru. 

To the experience in Morocco we invite young people to come with us and to live as a christian cummunity in a totally different culture. We take part in social work there, like visiting elderly people, playing with orphan or homeless children or attending children who are seriously ill.

Since 2015 we go every year in summer to a little village in the mountains of Peru, where the presence of the church is quite low. There we teach catechism to the children and young people and prepare them for a christian life. As well we like to share this mission with young people who accompany us in this adventure.

Where we live, our sisters are working close to the people and are collaborating in different activities with the oblates and some Diocesan Parishes. Among other things, we work with young people (recently in a catholic youth center) and teach religion at Schools as well. To support our mission, some sisters carry out a professional paid work.