Misioneras Oblatas de María Inmaculada

 Misioneras Oblatas de María Inmaculada

Our journey to Hong Kong



“It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times", says a Chinese saying and that’s true. For us, sister Marimar and Lisa, it was an important experience to visit Hong Kong and China and to get the chance to see the life and the mission of the oblates there.

It was at the beginning of December of 2016, when we took the airplane to travel 10.000 km from Madrid in eastern direction. We only could spend a week there, but nevertheless we had the possibility to see many places and people and to appreciate their culture. We got to know the four schools of the oblates in Hong Kong, the

lent parishes and the people who they are working with. As well we could visit for some days the community of the oblates in the southern part of China mainland. It was very interesting to see how the oblates work in this country. But most important for us was to spend time with the young people. Partly, because some we already met on the world youth day in Poland last summer, so we were happy to see them again. In the parish of St. Alfred in Hong Kong we spend one day entirely with the youth. We shared our experience of the world youth day, we danced and played and prayed together and we had the chance to tell something about our small congregation.

We were also lucky to assist to the first vows of one oblate novice from Hong Kong. The celebration was great, although we didn´t understand most of the ceremony; but we could witness the joy and decision of this young man to give his life for Jesus. And afterwards we saw the oblates being in their fullness …singing, dancing and laughing (it seems to be something of the charism ;).

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We are very thankful for this opportunity and for the nice welcome we experienced in the oblate communities and schools and parishes we had been visiting. We really felt like in a family.

God knows when we will return to this place.




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